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Depump Technology Shijiazhuang Co., Ltd.

DEPUMP TECHNOLOGY SHIJIAZHUANG CO.,LTD was founded in 1998, we started with slurry pump manufacture, we started export business in 2005, till now we have gown up to a company with Annual sales 10 million. Our pumps have been worked for over than 76 Countries. Our main products include horizontal slurry pump, vertical slurry pump, submersible slurry pump, etc.
DEPUMP TECHNOLOGY SHIJIAZHUANG CO., LTD. is professional in slurry pumps, accessories and connection equipment. Based on our “ONE-STOP Service” philosophy, we do not only supply pumps, but also the pump accessories, driven equipment, pipes and valves, etc.

New Products

  • Heavy Duty Slurry Pump

    Heavy Duty Slurry Pump

    MAH heavy duty slurry pumps are heavy duty horizontal slurry pumps designed to handle abrasive and high density slurries in mining and heavy industry.Horizontal slurry pumps are applied in various slurry transport applications. With wear parts in either hard metal or rubber, horizontal slurry pumps are often larger, more powerful and offer higher capacity than vertical slurry pumps.

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  • Centrifugal Slurry Pump

    Centrifugal Slurry Pump

    Centrifugal Slurry pump refers to a kind of machinery that increases the energy of solid and liquid mixed media by means of centrifugal force (the rotation of the impeller of the pump), and converts electrical energy into the kinetic energy and potential energy of the medium. Mainly applicable to: mining, power plants, dredging, metallurgy, chemical industry, building materials and petroleum industries. The most common type of slurry pump is the centrifugal pump. These pumps use a rotating impeller to move the slurry, similar to how a water-like liquid would move through a standard centrifugal pump.

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  • Slurry Pump for Mining

    Slurry Pump for Mining

    Metal Lined Heavy Duty Slurry Pump Slurry Pump for Mining Heavy Duty Sand Dredging Slurry Pump for Gold Mine Heavy Duty Horizontal Centrifugal Slurry Handling Pump.Slurry pumps are heavy duty, rugged centrifugal pumps designed to handle harsh and abrasive jobs. In mining and ore processing operations, mud pumps are an important means of efficiently transporting mud at any distance. Slurry pumps are modified in design and construction to accommodate many types of slurries that vary in solids concentration, solid particle size, solid particle shape and solution composition.

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