Hydraulic Oil Station Submersible Slurry Pump

The hydraulic oil station submersible slurry pump and the lake dredging pump are powered by the hydraulic system, and the motor is the executive element, a new type of submersible sand pump that converts hydraulic energy into mechanical energy,it is a continuous flow type of pump that works submerged and is capable of handling abrasive slurries. When working, the water pump stirs the rotation of the impeller to transfer the energy to the slurry medium, so that it generates a certain flow rate, drives the solid flow, and realizes the transportation of the slurry. The hydraulic motor adopts domestic high-speed hydraulic motor, which has the characteristics of structure, reasonableness, good performance and stable operation. According to the customer's situation, choose different displacements.

Hydraulic Oil Station Submersible Slurry Pumps are fully compact self-contained pump units with diesel driven power packs and hydraulic pump ends. With variable speed options, these units are capable of meeting various flow and head requirements.

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